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book review -searching for god knows what

"New York Times best-selling author Donald Miller explores the origin and meaning of redemption in this fully revised and redesigned bestseller.

Hysterically funny, wryly provocative, and disquietingly insightful, Searching for God Knows What invites readers to examine their deep need for redemption, to feel it, know it, and live like it is true in their lives.

Miller weaves phenomenal characters and true-to-life spectacles into his acclaimed memoir style to enrich, inspire, entertain, and ultimately challenge readers to see life in a new way. He shows that one of the greatest desires of every person is the desire for redemption, to have brokenness repaired. Instead of the chaotic relationships, self-hatred, wreckless consumerism, and anxiety that overrun a life without redemption, Miller uncovers the beauty and power of the Gospel to fulfill one of our deepest needs."

Donald miller is a pretty amazing author i think. i loveloveLOVED blue like jazz it was so true and great. i had a copy of this book an older one so when i saw that this was a revised version. i snatched it up right away i hadn't read it yet so i was excited to.

donald is super honest probably to the point that some people might be angry but i like it cause its truth and if you have a problem with it then maybe you are struggling with that so you just get angry.

i thought it was good not as good as blue like jazz but pretty good.