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(no subject)

The precious moments story book bible.


How can you not think precious moments are cute? My friend used to say that they were so cute that you could hate them. Its hilarious. But I digress. I received the story book bible in the mail through booksneeze.


And yes it is cute. Its such a good tool. I don't have kids but I will probably save it for when I do. Its nice and short stories. I don't like that it skips from book to book though. I wish it would be in order. Just picking out the stories from the bible in old testament and new testament. But it is what it is. Its still good regardless.

two tickets to the christmas ball by donita k. paul

Two tickets to the Christmas Ball. Sounds magical doesn't it?! Well by the look of the cover of this novella by Donita K. Paul, it is definitely magical! The cover just screams Christmas time the wonder and aw of little kids in the snow the lights of a town big or small.

This novella is about Cora Crowder she is busy preparing for the holidays. Shopping and finding that perfect gift for someone. She doesn’t have the best family life (really who does? Nothing is perfect). She generally keeps to herself and has a cat named skippy. She finds this book shop to get the perfect book. While there she runs into a co-worker who can't seem to get her name straight for the life of him. Even though they have worked with each other for some time.

Mysteriously they each end up with a ticket to the Christmas ball. With no info, no where to purchase tickets or really anything at all. Just a vague website and a ticket. Crazy things start happening but you'll have to read it to find out exactly what is crazy.

Though it was a good book. Its kind of weird they do have wizards and such in a christian fiction romance novella. Its not something that is normally in christian fiction. I wasn't super fond of that but other than that it was a good book.

(no subject)

this book is an amish book. i can get into a lot of those but this one was not one i could get into at all. i don't really even know what to say i just know it was kinda a stinker. i tried reading it but it was so stinkin boring. i'm sure most people think its good but i've just read so many books lately that i can tell the stinkers within a few pages. haha but yeah unfortunately i didn't like it.

book review -searching for god knows what

"New York Times best-selling author Donald Miller explores the origin and meaning of redemption in this fully revised and redesigned bestseller.

Hysterically funny, wryly provocative, and disquietingly insightful, Searching for God Knows What invites readers to examine their deep need for redemption, to feel it, know it, and live like it is true in their lives.

Miller weaves phenomenal characters and true-to-life spectacles into his acclaimed memoir style to enrich, inspire, entertain, and ultimately challenge readers to see life in a new way. He shows that one of the greatest desires of every person is the desire for redemption, to have brokenness repaired. Instead of the chaotic relationships, self-hatred, wreckless consumerism, and anxiety that overrun a life without redemption, Miller uncovers the beauty and power of the Gospel to fulfill one of our deepest needs."

Donald miller is a pretty amazing author i think. i loveloveLOVED blue like jazz it was so true and great. i had a copy of this book an older one so when i saw that this was a revised version. i snatched it up right away i hadn't read it yet so i was excited to.

donald is super honest probably to the point that some people might be angry but i like it cause its truth and if you have a problem with it then maybe you are struggling with that so you just get angry.

i thought it was good not as good as blue like jazz but pretty good.

(no subject)

"Losing everything has made Lexi hold those she loves tightly. Hell is determined to loosen her grip.

Lexi lives in the shadow of choices her husband made. Especially Grant’s choice to leave seven years ago, without a word. Her relationship with their daughter, Molly, is now the most important thing in her life. Lexi will do anything—work grueling hours, attend church on her only day off, sacrifice financially—just to see Molly smile.

When Grant shows up declaring his intent to re-enter their daughter’s life, Lexi is skeptical of his motives. She soon determines not to let him near Molly. Then a drug dealer named Warden arrives on Lexi’s doorstep, demanding payment of Grant’s old debts.

But that's just the earthly perspective. Staggering supernatural events are spilling into her world in real and shocking ways. Hell's fury is great, but Heaven's power is greater still. In a novel that defies easy categorization, this has all the early buzz of the breakthrough read of 2010."

i was really excited to get a fiction book this time. and honestly this one was amazing! i loved it so much it was such a quick read, in the first couple hours that i got it in the mail i had read 125 pages into it already. it was THAT good it just pulls you in. if i hadn't of not read it for a couple of days i'm sure i would have read it all the way through the first day i got it. but alas i had to put it down unfortunately. but yeah this book super amazing you never know whats gonna happen next and its such a good thrilling book you just have to read this one its great.

i received this as a park of booksneeze.com

(no subject)

so i was totally stoked to get this book from thomas nelsons booksneeze program. i was like oh yeah this will be great a cookbook i can try new things. i don't know who those guys are supposedly they are popular but i have no idea who they are. but i digress. so when i got the book i was pretty sad that it wasn't a cookbook really. there were a few reciepes most sounded kinda gross and some i already knew before like the goat drop cookies. but yeah i just wasn't too fond of this one unfortunately.

Book Description:

"In Rick and Bubba’s Big Honkin’ Book of Grub, America’s sexiest fat men share wise observations and stories about grub as only they can tell them.

Rick and Bubba’s Big Honkin’ Book of Grub is exactly what a diet/recipe book should be—full of hilarious stories, good eating, and not a single mention of calories! New York Times bestselling authors Rick and Bubba are not ashamed to admit they eat for one reason and one reason only: they like the way food tastes. With family recipes from their wives Sherri and Betty (who have been keeping these two in grub for years) as well as the winning recipes from Rick and Bubba's Big Honkin’ Recipe Contest, this book is a keeper. So pull up a chair, grab a fork, and enjoy!"

(no subject)

The voice of Psalms is a totally different translation/study of the psalms. Honestly I wasn't sure about it mostly because I hadn't heard of anything like that. So I wondered how it was different than any of the other different translations out there. Anyway this is published by Thomas Nelson and I have received this in the mail to read and write about my thoughts on it.

Now the voice translation is produced by “the voice project” which is sponsored by members of the emergent church. Chris Seay is the president of Ecclesia Bible Society which produced this book. They did this so present-day readers could identify with this particular translation.

Honestly I wasn't sure because the translation I usually use is NIV or ESV so I didn't really understand why there had to be a new one. But I digress,

This is sort of laid out like a devotional and it has some devotional options like a 40 day plan or a 28 day plan. Also some of the psalms are written out as lyrics. (well obviously they could be written as lyrics anyway just in the normal way). Some of it is really cool and clever I haven't gone through the whole thing but I can't wait to! I think its really amazing and great idea.

(no subject)

How scary would it be to be kidnapped. The thought is just terrifying honestly. I am not sure I would even know what to do or what to think but to live through it so amazing.

So this is a true story of a kidnapping and eventual rescue

I won't give much away but it sure is amazing the abduction in itself woah man and what a crazy amazing thing that he was able to come out of it alive. With all the beatings gosh it was a really good book I would recommend it. Not only was it suspenseful but so true gosh crazy.

(no subject)

Diamond rio that takes me back. Though i'm not really THAT old in retrospect it still takes me back I remember listening to them while in my grandmas car the song “meet in the middle” and boy it was great I sure loved that song when I was 4-5 and even still now I love it.

So naturally I thought reading a book about them would be great. I wasn't a super die hard fan or anything but I did listen to them so I thought why not give it a shot. This does tell the story of them as a band. But honestly I just couldn't get into it. It just wasn't my cup of tea I guess.

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